Your Story

We've all got a million stories, here's a few from the It's a Camp Thing community. Send us your favorite picture of you at camp below!

Gavin NP

I've grown up at camp and last year was a CIT. I am hopeful to be a camp counselor this year, but I still believe CITs do all the work!

Skylar & Cayden

We started at camp when we were four years old because both of our parents worked at camp. Cayden loved boating & GaGa and I loved archery, but we both LOVED theme days!

Alana & Ron D

We love camp so much! We were wearing our camp shirts at Disney and got Mickey to take this photo so we could send it back to our camp peeps.

Tell Us Your Story

When you think about summer camp life, what memories come to mind? A favorite camp song like Herman the Worm or Da Great Big Moose? Summer camp activities like canoeing or making s’mores? Tell us what makes you smile when you think about camp.