Can Camping & Fashion Co-Exist?

  • Can Camping & Fashion Co-Exist?

    By: Alicia Gentile

    My mother once told me, “We are richer when we give to things that we will never see, when we sow for reapers we may never know.”

    As I get older I realize that that couldn’t be truer. When you are in a bad mood, have had a hard day, or are down in the dumps, sometimes what you need most is to do something for someone else. This concept was ingrained in me and my siblings for as long as I can remember. You see, my parents led by example. I grew up on Camp Herrlich, a non-profit children’s camp in upstate New York. The camp runs year-round programs, but the resident summer camp program is certainly near and dear to me.

    Most of our resident campers receive scholarships to attend camp. Many of them come from social work agencies. Their camp experience is their only opportunity to leave the streets of New York City and spend a summer under the stars. Many children come to camp without a toothbrush and without a sleeping bag. It is the responsibility – and passion – of the counselors and camp directors to bring the summer to life and to treat these children to a summer they will never forget; full of frog catching, storytelling and capture the flag. It is a remarkable thing to see how camp can change the life of a child – especially a child in need.

    Now that I am all grown up and moved out, I find myself asking, how can I give back to the place that has given me countless incredible memories? How can we make a difference for children?

    With a bit of creativity, and a love for fashion, my siblings and I came up with an idea. This past summer, we created a fashion line – Temper T Apparel – born out of the idea that fashion and camping can coexist. We designed and printed trendy t-shirts with the hope of making a small difference. 100% of the proceeds from the shirts go to the camp. Meaning, these shirts directly impact the youth of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, etc.

    In the end, our goal is for others to reap a future that we can sow together.

    Alicia - Temper T ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

     Alicia Gentile is a publicist at Tierney, in the City of Brotherly Love, and a small business/lifestyle blogger at

    Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @AliciaGentile11

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