Real Name: Aimee Berger

Camper name: “Berger Dog”

From Camp Blue Ridge/Kutsher’s Sports Academy…to Producer/Founder of IACT/Camplified & Manager For Nicole Ryan.

My favorite camp memory: Visiting Day when my grandmother made a surprise appearance!

Activity of expertise: Tennis

Camp Impacted You How: For me, brought out the adventurous side, taught me to take calculated risks. Made me try things I might not have, in other environments, because camp gave me a sense of comfort and the inspiration to give it a go. Allowed me to create my own identity and discover who I really am. Camp provides so many outlets to grow.


Real Name: Jess Pritikin

Camper name: “JPRIT”

From Camps Kenwood & Evergreen / Liberty Lake Day Camp to Undergrad at PACE University

My favorite camp memory: One of the last weeks of summer 2014 I had over 100 boys and girls dancing to my choreography on stage at the end of the week assembly. It was one of the most amazing feelings watching them smile as they nailed that really hard turn and all dance in unison. I always sit in the front to cheer them on and nothing can beat the hugs I receive and smiles on their faces after the routine is finished.

Activity of expertise: Dance

Camp Impacted You How: In all of my years at camp, especially sleep away camp, I learned five key things to being a better person. First, I was taught independence. I learned how to be away from my parents, deal with friend issues, solve problems, have confidence and be able to rely on myself; I was much more prepared for college than my other friends. Second, I learned integrity. Between good sportsmanship and paying it forward, to respecting my surroundings and keeping them clean I was starting to understand the give and take in the world around me. Third, I understood what it was like to be a member of a team and work together to accomplish a goal. Almost every activity at camp involved some sort of team, so being a good team member was always something I tried to be. Fourth, I learned what aspiration is. I discovered my identity, found my inspiration, looked up to others, became a creative force and positively impacted others. Fifth, I was taught how to be a real friend. I was able to connect with others, learn when and how to trust, have empathy towards others, have patience and respect everyones differences. Overall camp has shaped me into the person I am today.


Real Name: Lauren Kasnett

Camper name: “Kaz”

From Camp Tyler Hill to Summer 365.

My favorite camp memory: Well, this is a hard question! There are too many, but if I was forced to choose here are three of my favorites…

My division at camp was very into Girl’s Sing. We had a serious winning streak going on for a couple of years, which made us a little bit competitive. Our most epic win was the year we were Jedi Juniors. It was a flawless performance, and I might be biased but I think our march song might have gone down in camp history as one of the best.

I will never forget finding the hatchet during Color War when I was a lieutenant on Blue Pirates of the Caribbean. It was quite the adrenaline rush and one of the only times in my life I have and ever will feel like a celebrity!

My camp friends are still my best friends. We see each other all the time so camp memories are continually being relived and made! We recently got adult camp friendship bracelets together.

Activity of expertise: Lyricist - writing songs for sing

Camp Impacted You How: Camp basically taught me everything I know in life and in business. Seriously! It taught me how to be a good friend, sister, daughter and now business woman and wife. At camp you are always learning and growing whether you know it or not. Looking back, it all has become that much more clear all the values - confidence, independence, being part of a community/teamwork, friendship - that camp instilled within me. Camp is in my DNA, and I always knew one day I would turn camp into a career. After working in marketing for almost seven years, I finally turned that dream into a reality. I began a company with my mom, Summer 365, which is a year round resource and advisory service for parents specializing in summer camp, trips and travel for children and teens. We are matchmakers! Summer 365 is founded upon our belief that camp is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to a child, and we are committed to making every child’s summer experience a cornerstone of his/her growth and development into young adults. It’s been incredible to “pay it forward” and work with families to help them deliver the amazing gift of summer camp to their children.

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