About Us

Our digital property, It’s a Camp Thing – for campers by campers (IACT), aims to be a beacon of camp-centric original content that will be broadcasted to the loyal and expansive audience of campers and camp alumni.

“Our mission is to provide a summer camp-focused digital platform that enables current and former campers to connect, re-connect, and engage with each other, our editorial staff, notable public figures, and brand partners. Our purpose is to be the premier online destination site for summer campers and alumni, as well as provide the highest level of quality content from our staff writers. With our writing team consisting of campers and former campers, our vision is to provide content for all ages in entertainment, pop culture, blogs, contests, photography, interactive web series and videos. IACT is a global champion for all things summer camp-related, and our goal is to bring summer to you all year long!”

IACT was born out of our original concept, which consists of a summer concert tour and brand activated experience on summer camp properties known as Camplified. The tour, which just wrapped it’s thirteenth year, features young and upcoming artists and bands on the cusp of something bigger taking place. Think of a band like Jonas Brothers (pop) or Fall Out Boy (pop indie rock) before they had mass appeal. Camplified manifested with the intention of bringing a music festival atmosphere to the camper audience. With a captive crowd consisting of teens and counselors spending their summers on a property with structured activities every day, they are all also gaining a sense of independence and discovery. It has introduced us to kids all over the country, leading us to gain insight on current trends through the eyes of these young tastemakers.

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